New Frontiers in the Strategic Use of Patent Information

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"New Frontiers in the Strategic Use of Patent Information"



PatAnalyse's business is to deliver 'IP intelligence' to its clients.

We take responsibility for finding the patent information required by our clients and then structure and make sense of it. To deliver a project we use a proprietary, comprehensive search management system to capture expert judgements and combine these with artificial intelligence analysis to produce a pre-analysed universe of data tailored exactly to each client's needs.

Our experience in technology consultancy allows us to provide an interpretation of the competitive intelligence 'landscape'; our analysis is closely aligned to the requirements of the client's business strategy.

Our client, as the user, first influences how the universe of patent data is gathered and structured and then can exploit it using the on-line patent information management system provided by PatAnalyse

The involvement of the client team in the study will vary between different assignments according to client requirements. More importantly, PatAnalyse expects to establish close working relationships with the client team at the project start-up meeting in order to understand the set of questions which should be addressed in the study. At the end of the project, clients receive a report including strategic recommendations based on the analysis of Patent Maps and individual patents; the patent portfolio with classified documents is provided via an interactive on-line portal and also as a backup-file.

The Utility of Patent Mapping

Unlike marketing reports which analyse information accessible via an intelligent use of Google, a Patent Mapping study is a deep dive into the Invisible Web – to the reliable information derived from paid subscription patent databases.
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Preventing Wilful Infringement

PatAnalyse is taking quite seriously the desire of some US companies to stay away from the minefield of the wilfulness infringement claims .
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Further Details of Patent Studies

It is vital to understand properly the business issues facing the client organisation in order to align the analysis of the patent landscape with the needs of a particular type of study.
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