New Frontiers in the Strategic Use of Patent Information

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Methodology & Benefits:

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Benefits of re-using PatAnalyse tools by clients

The best available on-line patent knowledge management tools help to facilitate the re-use of project results across the client organisation

The information contained in patents can stimulate fresh ideas and accelerate the innovation process:

  • The on-line patent management system provided by PatAnalyse can be used to guide the customer team to key individual patents
  • Clients might need to look at competitors’ patents to check the strength of their own IP in order to avoid unnecessary legal and R&D costs
  • But these patents also provide a comprehensive source of technical  analysis – which frequently highlight the shortcomings of the available solutions
  • Putting together a proper understanding of un-met needs  with insights into tried and failed technical solutions can often stimulate disruptive innovation  – solutions which transcend existing IP landscapes and venture into ‘white space’

Access to an on-line portal for secure sharing
and collaborative re-use of the results of the patent study

  • a hosted web based application does not require any input from internal IT teams
  • extensive patent mining interface
  • highlighting of various keywords in the text presented to the user is achieved using a table of the keywords with colour schemes selected separately for each keyword expression
  • capability for zooming down to individual patents via an interactive Patent Maps interface
    • Patent Maps are updated each time when shown to users
  • each user has the capability of setting-up their own interactive Patent Maps which can be shared between restricted groups of users across the client organisation
    • a set of on-line Patent Maps can be exported in jpg format for inclusion in reports and PowerPoint presentations
  • possibility to expand taxonomy and to review and modify results of the study
    •  contradicting opinions from different users are resolved using a weighted voting algorithm
    • all entries in the system are date and user stamped
  • customisable patent scoring and rating to reveal the strongest set of patents
  • commenting notes at the level of individual patent families are enhanced with documents attachment support
  • multi-user work flow support is further enhanced with the system of flexible distribution of the required patent information to individual users across the client organisation
  • security and role based permissions at different levels for various groups of users with soft firewalls between different departments of the client organisation
  • work flow support for large collaborative teams at the client organisation is provided with assistance from the centrally controlled flexible task and role assignment interface
  • the whole project can be isolated on a server dedicated to the single client
    • the access to such servers is allowed only from the fixed list of IP addresses defined by the client.

The flexibility to convert the one-off study into a subscription to regular updates including patent searches and classification

  • A Legal Status Alert can be set for certain patent families from the project portfolio to control their abandonment or the change of the ownership.
  • interactive Patent Maps are always up-to-date reflecting the latest state of the patent portfolio

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