New Frontiers in the Strategic Use of Patent Information

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About PatAnalyse

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"New Frontiers in the Strategic Use of Patent Information"


Our Presentation


PatAnalyse is an integrated technology consultancy specialising in high quality exhaustive patent searching and comprehensive analysis of the trends presented in the patent portfolio.

  • We take responsibility for finding the patent information required by our clients and then structure and make sense of it;
  • To deliver a project we use a proprietary, comprehensive search management system to capture expert judgements and combine these with artificial intelligence analysis to produce a pre-analysed universe of data tailored exactly to each client’s needs; 
  • Our experience in technology consultancy allows us to provide an interpretation of the Competitive Intelligence Landscape; our analysis is closely aligned to the client’s business strategy;
  • Our client, as the user, first influences how the universe of patent data is gathered and structured and then can exploit it using the on-line patent management system provided by PatAnalyse.

The PatAnalyse's core team of software developers, technology and business consultants is based in Cambridge, UK. The main members of the team have been working together for over a decade on a wide variety of patent landscape assignments.

We have developed innovative on-line tools for organising the workflow of patent projects to support dispersed collaborative teams and to provide close integration between the artificial intelligence and the real judgement of subject area experts. The software is focused on improving the efficiency and quality of patent searching, and in assisting our clients with mining patent data in the post-project phase.

Using our advanced tools, and breadth of technical expertise, the PatAnalyse team works together with clients on patent studies which map the competitive IP landscape to deliver unique insights into competitive intelligence. Patent Mapping tools provided by PatAnalyse ensure the accuracy and completeness of the results, but it's our business consultants who make the real difference. Our experience in technology consultancy allows us not just to map the Patent Landscape, but also to provide an interpretation closely aligned to the client’s business strategy.

The typical projects aim to:

  • inform the strategic decision makers in the client organisation;
  • align research budgets according to the gained intelligence;
  • help to focus patent filing efforts in areas more likely to produce broad patents;
  • benchmark the clients' existing patent portfolio against competitors;
  • clearly understand the strengths and weaknesses of the patent portfolio of major competitors;
  • improve efficiency of internal portfolio management;
  • facilitate smart decisions by including a relatively accurate risk assessment in FTO analysis;
  • help to avoid wilful infringement and treble damages;
  • assist with technology scouting; 
  • identify and evaluate the most appropriate acquisition targets;
  • determine if any potential blocking patents will affect the right for the in-licensing technology;
  • support required defensive activities with key evidence.

By identifying the strongest and most appropriate patent set from the client's patent portfolio, such projects can also assist in cost reduction and revenue generation through the abandonment or sale of non-core IP.

In addition to working for single clients, PatAnalyse also publishes multi-client Patent Mapping studies in specific areas of quickly growing markets and technologies. Such studies are aimed at smaller companies which are less likely to be able to afford the cost - ranging anywhere from €60k to €180k - of a dedicated single client IP study. In our experience many companies can leverage benefit from these multi-client studies by commissioning bespoke but very cost-effective analyses of the accumulated patent data.