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Please send your CV to and we will contact you if a suitable opportunity arises.

PatAnalyse delivers patent projects in various sectors of the modern growth economy. We provide our clients with an unparalleled skill set: our teams of diverse subject experts and seasoned business consultants are working together in a collaborative environment, enabling our clients to trust us with their most technically and commercially challenging IP projects.

Each project requires unique inputs from technical experts. Expert judgement is used as a key input during the process of screening the results of the patent search, and during the classification of the individual patent records against the bespoke project taxonomy.

As you would expect from a highly specialised technology consultancy company, we are continually on the look out for bright, enthusiastic, and hardworking scientists and engineers who help us meet our clients' targets during patent classification assignments. Delivery time-scales are short, the goals of projects are always demanding, and quality controls are in place to ensure a robust outcome for the client. To achieve this aim, we hire exceptional people with excellent academic credentials, an intuitive grasp of fundamental scientific and technical principles and demonstrable drive and commitment. No prior knowledge of patents or patent search techniques is required. Our experts work with a web 2.0 application which provides all the necessary information for them to exercise their judgement. Everyone in our current team of experts holds at least a Masters degree, and most of them have a PhD from one of the top universities. Diversity of viewpoint is achieved by combining experts specialising in a wide variety of technical disciplines such as physics, chemistry, life sciences, material science, advanced engineering, electronics, mechatronics, and telecommunications.

Our most driven team members join PatAnalyse to be a part of the complex projects we work on around the world. We frequently take on new experts through our network of contacts and by personal recommendation.

In return we provide opportunities to work on interesting projects with large and small companies in various industries, as well as support and training to broaden each expert's technical horizon. We promise our experts professional satisfaction combined with a competitive rate of pay. Cambridge is home to an international technology consultancy cluster that applies leading scientific and technological know-how to commercial needs. PatAnalyse has close relationships with many technology consultancy companies in the Cambridge technology consultancy cluster. We frequently team with our partners to deliver the right level of business intelligence to address the most demanding IP intelligence studies.

Speculative applications

If you believe that working for PatAnalyse suits your skills, interest, and talents, and would like to be considered for a position of a technical expert, we would be happy to hear from you. Please send your CV to and we will contact you if a suitable opportunity arises.