New Frontiers in the Strategic Use of Patent Information

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"Advanced Energy Storage Technologies: Patent Trends and Company Positioning"


This report contains detailed Patent Maps including ones using technology taxonomies. The report is provided with further insight into the conflicting picture between marketing and IP intelligence.

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"New Frontiers in the Strategic Use of Patent Information"


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Our Clients Feedback:

While head of strategy for what is now the National Measurement Office, I became aware of the value of the strategic information contained in worldwide patent databases. A pioneering patent mapping study carried out by PatAnalyse staff was extremely helpful in the formulation of the Measurement for Emerging Technologies research programme in 2004. We faced the problem that emerging technologies inherently involve newly forming sectors, with limited sector leadership/representation (as compared to well established technologies), so we did not know whom we should consult in the formulation of this programme. Patent data is inherently forward-looking and thus ideally suited for thinking about the long term future. The patterns of activity revealed by the mapping confirmed real industrial and academic interest in the research themes selected and identified key players in the UK and overseas. Many of these players became partners in the programme leading to an unprecedented level of industrial and academic co-funding in the research programme. Subsequently patent mapping became a routine part of the formulation process for all NMO research.

Petar Stojic, Head of Measurement Science Strategy; Department of Business, Innovation & Skills, UK

Many of the answers to key questions of technology and business strategy can be found in the patent databases if you know how to find them; PatAnalyse has the powerful tools and expertise to do this and to present the answers using clear, easy to communicate, views of patent landscapes

Alan MacDougall, European Patent Attorney, partner at Mathys&Squire

PatAnalyse offers a really intelligent way to cope with the huge volume of patent information available worldwide. The highly efficient interaction of the human intelligence, including personal judgement of technical experts, with the proprietary highly optimized web-based intelligent tool for data retrieval, analysis, and visualization give amazing results, outperforming by far all conventional patent portfolio tools and opening new horizons in the strategic usage of patent information.

Dr Bakuri Lanchava, European Patent Attorney

In 2009 I was contracted under NDA by PatAnalyse staff to provide advice for the strategic portfolio alignment for one of the major European Telecommunication conglomerates. I reviewed portfolio of cryptographic technologies. Some patents in this portfolio were clearly an emerging technology at the date of filing. However technologies and industry standards have substantially moved on since then. As a result many patents have changed their technology status from emerging technology to redundant. A careful study of each individual patent involved a comparison to the prior art and to current marketing wisdom. This was a very interesting assignment and I would definitely participate in such studies again

Sergey Nenashev PhD,Leading expert on information security, Inforion Co. Ltd

Patents have been an underused intelligence resource for businesses of all sizes for some time. If properly analysed, the data they contain is a gold mine for corporate strategists. But patent landscaping, as the process of extracting the data is called, is notoriously difficult to do and especially to automate. PatAnalyse is at the forefront in developing a disruptive technology which transforms patent landscaping into a reliable and affordable business tool. We are proud to be part of the emerging cluster of small specialist companies in Cambridge UK which are breaking new ground in this exciting new field of business strategy.

Mick McLean, Managing Director, Technologia

While devising and implementing a technology strategy for a high-tech start up in Finland in 2005 we commissioned a patent mapping exercise from PatAnalyse staff. Initially the assessment of the patent landscape surrounding our product and service concepts gave comfort about our freedom to operate. Later we used the deep understanding we gained of competitors’ patents to guide our own IP strategy. Eventually the patent mapping study carried out by PatAnalyse staff became central to the formulation of our company’s business plan and stimulated a fresh wave of innovation.

Jani-Mikael Kuusisto, Business Development Manager, VTT IP Business