New Frontiers in the Strategic Use of Patent Information

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Methodology & Benefits:

We have developed innovative on-line tools for organising the workflow of patent projects to support dispersed collaborative teams and to provide close integration between the artificial intelligence and the real judgement of subject area experts. The software is focused on improving the efficiency and quality of patent searching, and in assisting our clients with mining patent data in the post-project phase. Using our advanced tools, and breadth of technical expertise, the PatAnalyse team works together with clients on patent studies which map the competitive IP landscape to deliver unique insights into competitive intelligence. Patent Mapping tools provided by PatAnalyse ensure the accuracy and completeness of the results, but it's our business consultants who make the real difference. Our experience in technology consultancy allows us not just to map the Patent Landscape, but also to provide an interpretation closely aligned to the client’s business strategy.

The PatAnalyse methodology

Our approach has been tested by more than a dozen large Patent Landscaping studies delivered to corporate clients.
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Benefits of working with PatAnalyse

The best possible quality of deliverables is combined with a quick turnaround of about ten weeks for large patent landscape studies and about six weeks for a Freedom to Operate analysis.
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Benefits of re-using PatAnalyse tools by clients

The best available on-line patent knowledge management tools help to facilitate the re-use of project results across the client organisation.
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Technical details of our approach

A separate technical white paper is of main interest to active practitioners in the IP department of client’s organisation and to our respected competitors.
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Search Management

It is not unusual for us to find up to four times more patents in the clients' areas of interest compared to the results provided by our competitors.
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