New Frontiers in the Strategic Use of Patent Information

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Methodology & Benefits:

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"New Frontiers in the Strategic Use of Patent Information"


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Technical details of our approach

A separate technical white paper is of main interest to active practitioners in the IP department of client’s organisation and to our respected competitors

"Innovative Tools for Comprehensive Patent Studies" white paper

In a separate white paper "Innovative Tools for Comprehensive Patent Studies" available under a mutual non-disclosure agreement (NDA) we present further details of our patent pending technology for patent search and for arranging on-line project workflow.

To obtain a copy of the white paper please send your initial request to

The ten pages of the separate methodology white paper discuss the aspects described below.

  • Introduction to the PatAnalyse innovative toolset
    The core of our approach is related to organising efficient web-based interaction between experts under the control of artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Patent Search
    The 'quantum leap' provided by our algorithms to the effectiveness of patent searching is comparable to the improvements in web searching introduced by Google 12 years ago
  • National patent coverage
    Patents from all National Patent offices are included in the portfolio. If required, only patent families active in the main international markets can be investigated
  • Bespoke stemming database
    Bespoke stemming is used mainly to assist with advanced chemical searching; however it is also useful for any complex terminology with substantial numbers of technical synonyms
  • Error correction algorithm
    PatAnalyse puts substantial effort in tutoring team members by providing them with a  number of example and test patents; in addition we use a self-learning algorithm to reveal the most likely errors in the expert’s judgement
  • Refining bibliographic data
    Patents can be grouped in families with more than 100 records; the bulk of new patent applications are left unassigned; there are many versions of spellings of the same assignee names. We have fully resolved these issues
  • Building Patent Maps
    The novel visualisation technologies developed by PatAnalyse allow the provision of clear, easy to communicate, views of patent landscapes, and have successfully been used in a range of tailored patent assignments in the public and private sectors
  • Accessing the on-line patent portal
    The on-line portal allows users to access updates to the study and to receive the most recent versions of the Patent Maps containing patent documents which have been omitted at the time of preparation of the original report

The white paper "Innovative Tools for Comprehensive Patent Studies" provides new insights into best practise in patent searching and in techniques for overcoming the pitfalls of reliance on raw bibliographic data.

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