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Further Details of Patent Studies

It is vital to understand properly the business issues facing the client organisation in order to align the analysis of the patent landscape with the needs of a particular type of study.

Patent Mapping is used by PatAnalyse as a universal tool for the visualisation of the patent portfolio created during the course of a particular study. At the very early stages of each project, PatAnalyse works closely with the client’s team, in order to understand the set of questions which should be addressed in the study. The experience of PatAnalyse with Patent Mapping studies is rooted in many consultancy projects for big corporations undertaking strategic reviews before diversifying into new business areas or executing technical due-diligence studies before major acquisitions.

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Our partners

Cambridge is home to an international technology consultancy cluster that applies leading scientific and technological know-how to commercial needs.

PatAnalyse has close personal relationships with many technology consultancy companies in the Cambridge technology consultancy cluster and several former ‘sister’ technology consultancies based in US and Germany. We frequently team with our partners to deliver the right level of business intelligence to address the most demanding IP intelligence studies.

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